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Discovering your great new category begins with a deep understanding of yourself and your team.

Your visionary customers know the secret of your category, and together we will discover it, creating the conditions to fully develop it.


Intense coaching, 360° feedback and strategic planning workshops discover the power within the company that you lead.


Great category creating leaders develop their category with as much discipline as they develop their company and leadership skills.


Leverage 20+ years of experience building iconic SaaS categories and companies with intense coaching to drive astonishing results.


Company and category leadership demand crisp communication, inspiration over education, and disciplined repetition.


Your category is only real if it has decent alternatives playing in it. While you nurture the category, you will be the clear leader.

Scale up your success by coaching your executive team, designing your category, and developing processes to differentiate your company meaningfully from category players.

Create breakthrough strategy, develop an All-A Team, hone execution and handle the tactical challenges to be #1 in your category.

Mark Headshot.png

Hi, I'm Mark - Founder, CEO and Head Coach of Categorynauts. 


Most of my career has revolved around B2B SaaS and marketing technology. In 1999, I founded and led marketing automation giant Eloqua, and in 2010, customer marketing pioneer Influitive. I led both companies to ~$100M valuations and $15-20M in ARR while learning lots of valuable lessons. 

Since then, I've coached 20+ SaaS CEO's and their companies.

My background includes an MS in Neuroscience at Northwestern, strategy consulting at Bain & Company - and work as an independent, international category, product and marketing consultant between both companies. 

I love helping company leaders become category leaders so they can create the most value for themselves and for society.

Categorynauts delivers a proven process for software company leaders to dominate their software category. 


Steve Pockross,

CEO of Verblio

"After building and leading two incredibly successful companies, he's done it all. Having Mark on board is like bringing in three strategic board members plus a master communications coach all-in-one."


Stephany Lapierre,

CEO of Tealbook

"It is really helpful to have a coach that has been a successful founder and lived through similar stages and challenges as the business is scaling. Mark helps me be more thoughtful and intentional about my interactions (with my team, investors and my board). I really value his network and exchanges with other founders building new categories."


Gil Allouche,

CEO of Metadata

"Metadata and myself included would not be in the same place if it was not for Mark Organ, and I feel very lucky to be one of the founders he spends his time and dedication on. Thank you Mark!"

You're in good company.

 Join a community of 15+ companies worth over $500 million - all creating their categories with us.

Build a winning strategy, align your leadership, and craft the systems to own your category.

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