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Categorynauts Services

Our 20+ year experience with category leadership, coaching, and consulting has helped us develop several services. They are designed to help executives lead with excellence, build winning strategies, align leadership teams, and craft the systems to discover, develop, and dominate their software categories. 

We like to take an immersive approach when it comes to coaching and consulting. All of our services can include your senior leadership and board - it helps you (and us!) get buy-in and take action as quickly as possible.



Categorynauts' "intense" coaching service gives you up to weekly 1:1 coaching meetings with Categorynauts' head coach, Mark Organ.


A long-time product marketing and management consultant, Mark has coached over 20+ SaaS CEOs and companies. He was also the Founder and CEO of Eloqua and Influitive, where he lead both to $15M-20M in ARR, $100M+ in valuation & $60M+ raised.


We have a coaching methodology that goes through every major area of building your category and company. We leverage best practices and our own frameworks gleaned from over 20 years of building category defining software companies. Your coach will also listen to your specific issues in the business and with your mindset and help you solve them on your own - most of the time, you know the answer, but you just can not see it clearly when you are "in the furball". 

If we see a clear path to growing your market value by at least 10x in less than three years, and you are committed to doing the work required to grow your skills to match, then there is a great fit here for an intense coaching relationship.


The Executive Alignment and Accountability Meeting (TEAAM) is a comprehensive service designed to align your leadership team, set the right vision and goals, and make sure you will execute on them. There are four key elements to its strategy: 

  • Pre-work to draw out the best insights from your team

  • Landscape, to accurately analyze what trends, risks, and insights should be driving your strategy

  • Vision exercises led and documented by an expert

  • Mapping and Objectives ideated and provided to give your team motivation and ownership over your goals



Our expertise and passion lies in category creation. Let us help you discover your unique category, so you can develop and dominate it. This usually includes: 

  • Workshops with your executive team and nominated all-stars

  • A strategic narrative deck to tell the compelling story of your business to employees, investors, and customers

  • Customer interviews, where we discuss your company and category with candor to road-test our ideas and develop meaningful recommendations 


In order to fully understand your (and your organization's) strengths and opportunities, it's important to take in the whole picture. 

Our 360° service features a detailed survey for you and your team to complete. You're given the results in a comprehensive report, complete with data-driven insights and recommendations from Mark and our team. Your future coaching will be tailored based on the results.




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Categorynauts delivers a proven process for software company leaders to dominate their software category. 

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