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The Categorynauts Approach

Growth coaching is more than an illuminating and temporarily satisfying conversation.


Great coaching sets breakthrough goals, insists on accountability and drives astonishing results.


It's our role to challenge and inspire you to dream bigger, while guiding you away from making preventable errors.


We are selective about who we coach. We are confident about certain industries, stages, and company sizes, and of course coachable CEOs, so we only take clients that we know we can transform. It helps that our revenue model aligns with your measurable success.

There are multiple factors that affect your success as a CEO. We believe that they aren't limited to your strategy, investment, board, team, and execution systems.

Your physical and mental health has a great impact on your success as a CEO. That's why we provide coaching that goes beyond business strategy and tactics - tackling anything that impedes your goals, together. 

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Average Company Size


Client Funding Secured


Acquisitions Facilitated

Discover, Develop, Dominate and ... Deliver. 

Our ever-growing library of content and resources elevates your ability to deliver strategies and tactics you learn about in coaching sessions.


From pre-made board decks to guides on managerial role advancement, we provide coaching clients with exclusive content. This content has been created based on our experiences founding (and coaching) growth-stage companies over the years. 

We know that one of the best things a coach can do for you is to keep you focused and accountable. For that, we have tools and methods that are used throughout your coaching journey. One of such tools is our control panel, shown below.


This tool allows you to track your coaching meetings, personal and professional goals, objectives and key results, growth trajectory of your executive team, and more. 

The Objectives and Key Results page of the coaching Control Panel. If you want to hear more about the Control Panel, contact us.

Your Coach

Hi, I'm Mark.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, investor, consultant and coach. 

My entire career has revolved around B2B SaaS and marketing technology. In 1999, I co-founded marketing automation giant Eloqua, and in 2010, customer marketing pioneer Influitive. I grew both companies to $100M+ valuation and $15-20M+ in ARR while raising $60M+ from investors over 15 rounds, and hiring 100's of employees globally.

To date, I've coached 20+ B2B SaaS CEOs and their companies to do the same. My background includes a Masters in Neuroscience at Northwestern, strategy consulting at Bain & Company - and work as an independent, internationally recognized product and marketing consultant in Singapore and Toronto.

I care deeply about helping leaders become the best they can be so they can create the most value they can for themselves and society.

Mark Organ, Founder, CEO and Head Coach at Categorynauts


Build a winning strategy, align your leadership, and craft the systems to own your category.

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